Broadband question

Last Monday evening’s meeting of North Kincardine Rural Community Council (NKRCC) heard the first draft of a report on broadband speed in the area. Since a recent request in South Deeside View, the twice yearly community newsletter, over 50 respondents have sent in their broadband speeds, many with despairing comments. So far it appears that those on the further reaches of the Culter and Newtonhill telephone lines are worst affected, with some having no broadband access at all. Around half of these are businesses, some of them with worldwide contacts, as well as a number of folk who run small companies from home. One was advised by BT to change his working hours to between 1am and 5am so that he could communicate to his overseas clients.

Problems are compounded after rain, since water gets in to the many elderly telephone cables causing interference. Electric fencing can also cause adjacent phone broadband to fail. The almost £70 million promised to upgrade broadband speeds in Scotland is most likely to be used in and around towns and cities. BT is also about to upgrade both Bieldside and Stonehaven telephone exchanges as part of their ongoing improvement programme, so improved broadband speeds can be expected on its lines. NKRCC will continue to lobby for improved broadband services to its area, and would appreciate if anyone who has speeds of less than 2 megabytes would contact them with answers to the following questions: 1. What is your broadband up and down load speed (use website ), 2. Who is your Broadband provider? 3. To which exchange are you connected. The greater the proof of need, the more chance of some of this extra finance being allocated to our failing phone lines. Contact Kees Witte,