Building of flats questioned

A STONEHAVEN Resident has hit out over the building of what he describes as a “blot in the landscape” in the town.

Peter Greig, who stays on School Road, has voiced his anger over the building of the affordable flats at Arduthie Gardens.

Mr Greig claims that what is being built is not what was originally proposed.

Council planning officers have dismissed the claims, saying that all of the regulations and plans are being folllowed.

However, Mr Greig disagrees. He said: “The architects plans, which the Council planners agreed to and passed, are now not looking like they were, on those plans, due to the roof line of the construction being totally out of context with the surrounding properties.

“The authorities seem to have their hands tied somewhat, as when I called the planning department the spokesperson accepted that the drawings which the departmentt were involved in, and passed, did indeed show the roofline to be in-line with the surrounding properties.

“He assured me that if they hadn’t been, then the plans would have been requested to be altered to reflect this.”

He describes the development, which involves the building of afforbable flats at Arduthie Gardens in Stonehaven, as an example of when planning goes wrong.

Mr Greig questioned how the build has got this far without something being done.

He said: “I ask the question, what has changed to the construction, to allow this building to get this far through the build without someone from the authority saying “Hold on a minute this doesn’t look right” and question it.

“No good now saying what’s done is done as that means it could be perceived that there are planning laws for some and planning laws for others.

“We have all heard of cases where someone had to pull down a wall, or the side of a house due to the plans not being conformed to, so what’s gone wrong here?”

Mr Greig told the Leader that there could be a simple solution to the problem.

He said: “Might I suggest that the roof line has been put on at an angle of 22 degrees instead of 30degrees, or the foundation baseline has altered due to the ground being too soft and the construction team have had to raise the foundation level thereby increasing the overall height of the building.”

Aberdeenshire planning department officers said that the flats are being built as stated in the planning application.