Cruise ships to set sail for Stoney?


Some might say it’s quite far down the list of exotic cruise destinations, but Stonehaven could be set to welcome seafaring holidaymakers.

With its town road train, the UK’s best chippy and an outdoor swimming pool, the iconic North-east town is gearing up to see cruise liners anchoring in its harbour.

Stonehaven Town Partnership has outlined grass root proposals which are still being developed, but John Robson trustee of STP, hopes it can become a reality by 2017.

He said: “The proposal is in the very early stages and we are still working on ideas.

“But with between 500, and 1,000 visitors, businesses would obviously benefit greatly.”

The first step in making the plan a reality would be to create brochures to attract cruise ship operators to Stonehaven.

Mr Robson, who is working alongside fellow trustee, Bill Allan said: “We are looking at various funding avenues for the brochure, which includes Aberdeenshire Council and Visit Scotland.”

Chairman of STP, Douglas Samways, told the Leader that it is entirely feasible to imagine a cruise ship making a stop at Stonehaven, as cruise ships do travel up the north east coastline, although they tend to visit the Northern Isles in particular.

He added: “The idea is in the very early stages. We would obviously have to make it an attractive offer for the cruise ships to stop here, so the brochure is really about outlining to the cruise companies what we have on offer.

“As well as Stonehaven’s own attractions, such as the land train, outdoor pool and Dunnottar Castle, we could offer excursions up Deeside, trips to Balmoral, and there are lots of wonderful golf courses that we could organise excursions to.

“We are hoping to work on this alongside the Stonehaven Business Association and others, so it’s not all down to us.”