Drivers and conductors or land train will be standing

Douglas Samways sent us this picture of the train.
Douglas Samways sent us this picture of the train.

Stonehaven’s land train plans could grind to a halt without drivers and conductors to take on the roles during the coming months.

Stonehaven Town Partnership have said that they are expecting the train to arrive in the town in July, and are now on the lookout for the perfect people to man the vehicle.

Both paid positions, the driver and conductor roles, will be required from July until September, and the train will be active seven days a week, travelling its route around the town eight times a day.

Project co-ordinator Isabel Munn told the Leader that the jobs could be shared, with shifts of 18 hours per week on offer, although those who could do more hours would be welcomed.

Drivers would need to hold a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) licence, and conductors would be required to collect the passengers’ fees, oversee the train and tell the story of Stonehaven, as well as pointing out places of interest in the town.

She added: “The intended route round the town will begin at the Market Square and travel up Greenden Road to a viewing point at the top of the Bervie Braes.

‘‘It will then travel back into the town, to the harbour, and then along Allardice Street to the open air pool and caravan park. It will travel up the golf course road to a viewing point for a photo opportunity before making its way back to the square.’’

Anyone who is interested in applying for either position can contact Isabel by email: