Dunnottar makes the news - 3785 miles away

Dunnottar Castle
Dunnottar Castle

Dunnottar Castle has the star power and ability to put the spotlight on Kincardine and Mearns around the globe.

You might not realise this because of the castle being right on your doorstep, but the castle recently featured in an American newspaper.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch located in Virginia have their very own Picture of the Week called ‘Your Best Shot’ and heres what the newspaper said about Dunnottar Castle.

“Dunnottar Castle, a medieval fortress near Stonehaven, Scotland, perches precariously on a crag, all sides of which plunge at least 100 feet down to the chilly sea or to the spit of land that tethers the crag to the mainland, Judy Witt of Glen Allen wrote in her email.

“My son, Birch Goldston, and I arrived just minutes too late for admittance, so we had to content ourselves with peering into a lower storeroom and the warden’s quarters. As we left, I kept looking back, trying again and again for a photo which would do justice to this haunting ruin.”

According to a quick search online the direct distance between Stonehaven and Richmond is 3785 miles and it would take over 13 hours to fly there.

The Kincardinshire Castle has had quite the 2013 coming in the top 10 of the Virtual Tourists Eighth Wonder of the World competition. The castle remained in contention throughout the closing weeks finishing in seventh with Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park coming in first.

Dunnottar Castle was also awarded a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, placing them in the top-performing ten per cent of all businesses worldwide on the travel website.