Split opinion on Bervie Braes road opening in winter months

bervie braes
bervie braes

Councillors cannot agree on whether or not the Bervie Braes road should be re-opened all year round, it was found this week.

Members of the Kincardine and Mearns area committee were considering a report on Tuesday into the economic benefit that re-opening the road has had fro Stonehaven.

The road was re-opened for the summer months last year between April and October, and is due to re-open this April.

Councillors all agreed that the report shows that the road re-opening has economically been a positive thing for the town, but they could not agree on whether the re-opening should be extended for a full year.

Councillor Graeme Clark called for the road to be re-opened throughout the year. He said: “Stonehaven is missing out. The view over the harbour as you come down that road is iconic, and this report confirms that the town is missing out on visitors by that road being closed. We have sophisticated warning systems as far as weather is concerned, and of tehre is bad weather close it then, but otherwise it should be kept open.”

But fellow members did not support Councillor Clark’s views, citing the cost of making the braes safe year-round, as well as safety concerns.

Councillor Wendy Agnew said: “I would like to see it open all year, but we have to be careful. I think we should be able to decide every year, based on weather, and have the option to open it early or close it later.”

Area Manager Willie Munro said that the decision about whether or not to open the road all year would be kep under review.