Can you help the talking newspaper?

The talking newspaper in Stonehaven is looking for some new volunteers to help people who are blind and partially-sighted.

For the last 18 years they have produced a weekly recording of the Mearns Leader, supplemented by other articles, which helps almost 40 people in the local area.

It began when two local ladies met in the street and one asked the other what she was going away to do - the answer being that she was going to read the Leader to her mother.

Small beginnings but now the talking newspaper has around 50 volunteers who work on a rota.

There are editors who put the news articles into sections, family announcements, church news, sport, technicians who are responsible for recording, readers who read the articles for the recording and administrators, who sort out the wallets which the listeners return and send out the latest recording.

n If you feel you can help in any way then get in touch with Joan Duncan on 01569 767635.