Canadians call mystery Mearns lady “heart of Scotland”

A hungry Canadian couple who were on the road have described a Stonehaven lady who fed them as the “heart of Scotland”.

Chris Jestin and his wife were travelling through Scotland for a family wedding, and after having travelled for 25 hours for the wedding and then missing breakfast, they found themselves at Stonehaven train station.

In a letter to the Mearns Leader, Chris wrote: “At the station, realizing we had an hour before the next train we stopped at the coffee shop, not knowing that at 2.30pm there’s no food service.

“This was explained by a lovely lady and her kind mother. At this point we were fine with waiting for a food trolly on the train.”

But this would not be necessary.

Chris continued: “The lady who helped explain to us Scotland’s restaurant customs had come running to the station saying, ‘I could not let you starve in my country’.

“She had dropped off a bag of groceries for lunch, everything from sandwiches, mints, fizzy drinks, raspberries etc. We were amazed with the generosity and how a total stranger would go out of their way to help us.”

He went on to talk about the good nature of the Scottish people throughout their holiday, and described the lady who had fed them as “the heart of Scotland”.

Chris finished his letter: “Thank you to the people of Scotland and a BIG thank you to the generous lady of Stonehaven, your generosity will not be forgotten! We will pass it forward.”