Cancer talk

Just hearing the ‘C word’ can be frightening. When you’re first diagnosed with cancer, it can be overwhelming – and one of the hardest things can be telling other people and sharing your fears.

Many people find it hard to talk to their loved-ones about how cancer makes them feel, or to talk about it at all. But getting the right support from family and friends can really help - especially when you’re facing the toughest fight of your life.

And it’s not just patients who need support; partners, children, colleagues and carers may also find it hard to talk about the impact cancer is having on their lives.

Elspeth Atkinson, Macmillan Cancer Support for Scotland said: “Many people affected by cancer often struggle to admit they feel scared and alone. Similarly they can feel they shouldn’t care that their appearance might have been affected by their cancer treatment, even when it’s affecting them psychologically.

Macmillan Cancer Support can help you find the words you need. Call the support line for a chat with an expert on 0808 8080000, talk to others going through the same in the online community, or access information on talking about cancer.