Caravan extension granted

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An application for Cloak Farm Caravan Park at Catterline making room for a further ten caravan stances was approved by the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee on Tuesday.

The controversial application went in front of the Area Committee because of the number of objections it had from members of the public as well as Catterline, Kinneff and Dunnottar community council.

The caravan park will be extended by 4600 square metres and the Planning Officer described the application as a “modest extension to an existing business”.

Aberdeenshire Council confirmed that the caravans will be used for holiday accommodation and short term let, with a maximum stay of six weeks after public concerns were raised about the current caravans not adhering to these rules. Concerns were also raised about the conservation status, the nearby burn, the surrounding landscaping and the access road.

One member of the public’s letter of representation stated: “The proposed expansion does lead to the caravan park population exceeding that of the village. As stated before, where will this stop? This is expansion by stealth and is not in keeping with the village or surrounding area.”

Aberdeenshire Council said the consultees are satisfied with the application and that a passing place is planned for the road. Councillor Evison said everyone in a wider area will benefit from the extension apart from residents of Catterline themselves.

Councillor Agnew said: “I can’t see anything in the application that it can be validly refused for”, and said that having a site visit wouldn’t help a decision on policy to which Councillor Clark said that the visual impact may be too much. After a vote from the nine Councillors present, the majority voted for the application with amendments to the surrounding landscaping.