Caravan park concerns

Caravan Park residents attended this week’s Stonehaven Community Council meeting to express their concern at the take-over of the Queen’s Elizabeth Caravan Park by the Caravan Club.

Owners of static caravans from the park explained to Community Councillors their worries about the park being taken over by the Caravan Club which historically does not allow static caravan owners on their parks.

One owner expressed his disgust and indignation at the Council “not even consulting with residents of the caravan park.” He continued; “To say that your preferred choice is the Caravan Club when it is common knowledge that the caravan club do not allow static caravans, you have shown no consideration for us.”

The Community Council debated this allegation saying that they had considered the residents, explaining that they would be talking to the Caravan Club about the problem and that the Caravan Club had so far only made a proposal and what would now take place was a negotiation.

One static caravan owner expressed concerns over residents of the park who recently purchased new caravans. She also claimed she had been told by one of the Community Councillors present that there would be no static caravans allowed and that they would need to move their vans within twelve months.

These claims were disputed by the councillor in question. The Community Councillor repeatedly suggested that those at the meeting with concerns about the caravan park should attend a public meeting taking place about the issue.

One councillor said: “I will encourage you to get as many people there as possible and get them to the meeting.” The Community Council also emphasised their feeling that those who have static caravans at the Queen Elizabeth Caravan Park have become part of the Stonehaven Community,

Concern has been expressed that static caravan owners could “hi-jack” the public meeting on Thursday and other residents of Stonehaven are being encouraged to attend in order to provide a bigger picture.

Community Councillors expressed their concern that whilst there were five bidders for the caravan park, the Stonehaven Town Partnership was only presenting the Community Council with the Caravan Club as it’s preferred bidder.

Representatives from the Stonehaven Town Partnership who were present at the meeting justified their actions explaining that in business bids you do not reveal competitors. They also drew attention to the money which the Caravan Club is willing to invest in the park and reiterated that there is: “a clear indication that they (The Caravan Club) are willing to consider statics.”

The Community Council agreed that something had to be done with the park and that the current situation was “un-sustainable,” describing the caravan park as “deteriorating.”

If someone does not take over the running of the park then it faces closure in October.

A public meeting on the matter will take place on Thursday August 11th from 7:45pm in the Bowling Club.