SIR,- I refer to the article in last week's Leader referring to the environmental aspect and expected carbon emission savings of building a new supermarket in the proposed Mill of Forest development.

Friday, 22nd January 2010, 11:40 am

Let me begin by defining the dictionary phrase "Red Herring" i.e. "Something that draws attention away from the central issue."

That is exactly what this article was. Like previous engagements with the developers and their various representatives, not only does this angle divert away from the main issues surrounding the development, it completely overlooks the main reasons why this development is not wanted by the local residents.

Firstly to cover the latest in a long line of cheap shots as convincing the people of Stonehaven that this development is actually a good thing. It is said a supermarket will cut carbon emissions as people will no longer have to travel further to local supermarkets. Ok, so with the extra several thousand inhabitants of this development surely many will be travelling on a daily basis back and forward to Aberdeen hence actually increasing the carbon emmissions? It is after all as stated in previous meetings by the developers, an excellent location to commute to and from Aberdeen. This kills the carbon footprint argument of a new supermarket immediately. All this before we destroy fantastic greenery, forestry and wildlife to build this development.

Let's not lose focus of the key issues here - the develpment will put ridiculous pressure on an already over- burdened infrastructure, schools and local amenities, not to mention killing the unique characteristics of Stonehaven which make it so beautiful.

This development is absolutely wrong for Stonehaven on so many different levels. Allowing it to progress is a travesty and really is the beginning of the end of Stonehaven as we know it.

Yours etc

Iain Edgar

The Byre

Middle Toucks