Care services support

Aberdeenshire Council is holding events to provide information to residents about self directed support and what it means for those receiving care services or caring for someone or who may be eligible for services.

The next sessions will take place on May 23 at Stonehaven Community Education Centre at 11.00am and at 2pm at Portlethen Academy.

Self-directed support is about giving people who need care more choice and control about what kind of support they receive and how it is delivered.

For instance, someone who currently attends a day service could instead be given a budget to manage and build their own care package to include an art class within a local college instead.

Each care situation in Aberdeenshire will be assessed to look at four different ways of directing support with varied degrees of control by either the service user or a care manager.

Aberdeenshire Council has arranged awareness raising sessions where people can learn more and ask questions and will also be sending information to service users

A Self-Directed Support Bill is currently passing through the Scottish Parliament and follows a national strategy for self directed support produced by the Scottish Government to make this approach central to the way care is provided in Scotland.

The Bill will impose a duty on local authorities to offer self directed support and to provide information and advice about the various options available to people.

More information on self directed support and how it affects you is available by calling 01467 629034 or emailing