Cash boost for local groups

Co-op staff in Laurencekirk
Co-op staff in Laurencekirk

Staff at the Laurencekirk Co-op had a day to raise awareness of the local charities they support.

The event was held on Wednesday April 19 in the newly-opened Co-op store on Aberdeen Road.

Cakes were sold at the entrance, and all the staff sported colourful fancy dress costumes.

The event was organised to celebrate the first pay-out to the local groups and charities supported by the Laurencekirk branch.

A total of £9,000 was paid out to three local organisations; Caledonian Railway, Dalhousie House and Brechin Youth Project.

Caledonian Railway were given a huge boost to their fund to repair the Brechin Brake Van, after being the victim of an arson attack about a year ago.

Tommy Henderson from Caledonian Railway said: “On behalf of all of our volunteers, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone at the Co-op for supporting our cause.

“Without your generosity, we would not be able to bring this piece of history back to life.”

These are only the first payments from the Laurencekirk branch as part of a nationwide campaign run by the Co-op, which has so far raised over £9 million for over 4,000 local causes.

The next three organisations set to receive funding from the Laurencekirk store are the Montrose Brownies, the Brechin rugby club and the Laurencekirk Playgroup.

All the groups were delighted to be chosen.

Laurencekirk playgroup said: “This extra fundraising money will benefit the local children aged 2-5 years, allowing us to provide new resources and develop areas such as our garden and technology.

“A massive thank you from all staff and children!”

The Co-op’s work is greatly supported by the public getting involved and donating money.

They would like to encourage all local people to sign up for a Co-op membership. This not only gives them 5% cash back on all Co-op branded purchases, but 1% goes to a local charity of their choice, which can make a massive difference to causes in the local area.