Catterline residents come together on project

Catterline residents who came together following severe land slips during the wet winter of 2012 have been congratulated by a local councillor.

The sea cliffs in front of North Row in the village suffered a worrying slip which came close to the road in front houses.

Villagers decided to take destiny into their own hands after deciding that this latest slip was the last straw.

Cllr Carr said: “Going back in time held the key to address the problem and old drains and ditches which had become neglected and forgotten were painstakingly restored and brought back into use. Working with students from Glasgow Caledonian University a project was developed to drain as much of the natural spring water off the slopes and into the sea. Planting has also taken place to add stability to the slopes”.

“While nothing can ever be guaranteed, I am sure that the efforts of the community have significantly lessened the risk of land slips and it is a joy to see the amount of water being piped off the slopes. I also think the lessons from Catterline are important in a wider Aberdeenshire context and can be equally deployed to others.”