PUPILS at a Mearns School have been busy raising money to help survivors of the Haitian earthquake.

Friday, 12th February 2010, 10:52 am
Updated Friday, 12th February 2010, 10:52 am

Head teacher of Catterline Primary School, Melanie Fowler, said pupils were so affected by the news of the tragedy that they had come up with the suggestion to raise funds to help survivors.

She said: "It was really the boys and girls that came up with the idea. They were speaking about what had happened in Haiti, and were very aware of it from the television and so came forward with the idea.

"They were particularly aware of the lack of water available at the moment, so that's how we came up with the WISH project - Water, Improvements, Save, Haiti."

The event ties in with UNICEF's Day for Change appeal, with contamination of water being one of the major concerns of the organisation. It costs 2.20 to buy one pack of water purifying tablets and the school are determined to see how many litres of clean water they will be able to provide for those affected by the quake.

Ms Fowler added: "The idea of Day for Change is that children make a donation in return for the privilege of changing something about the usual school day. As our project is named WISH, the children can come to school wearing the clothes they always wished they could. They may choose to treat the day as a dress down day or indeed as a dressing up day!"

One very unselfish pupil was Abbey Lindsay, whose father Robert owns the Creel Inn in Catterline. She decided to donate all the tip money she got from helping out in the restaurant on a Friday night.

Mrs Fowler said: "We're extremely proud of the support that all the children have shown at Catterline School."