Chance to share views on Mearns sports initiative

Laurencekirk residents will have the chance to share their views on a new initiative bringing sport and the community together.

A community consultation evening is to be held at 7pm this coming Monday, February 9, at Mearns Community Campus for residents to express their thoughts and ideas on how to shape a community sports hub in the Laurencekirk area.

The initiative, which is in partnership with sportscotland, aims to increase participation and engage the local community in physical activities as well as promote community leadership by bringing together key partners and groups.

Chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Education, Learning and Leisure Committee, Councillor Isobel Davidson, said: “The recent opening of the new Mearns Community Campus created the ideal opportunity for those living within the Laurencekirk area to create a lasting legacy for sport and recreation in the form of a Community Sports Hub.

“The hub will be tailored to the needs of the local community and will be a great tool for sports clubs to come together and bounce ideas off one another.”

Vice-chair of the committee, Councillor Ron McKail, said: “All clubs share similar challenges and the aim of a community sports hub would be to provide support and assistance which can only help improve the services clubs provide their members in the community.

“Groups will be able to work together to develop and create new opportunities whether it is the introduction of new sports or the development and realisation of the full potential of facilities already available.

“I hope all those interested in seeing the development of sporting activities in the Laurencekirk area will attend the event and share their ideas.”

During the evening, Aberdeenshire Council officers will provide a national and regional overview of how other Community Sports Hubs work and what can be learnt from their successes.

Refreshments will be provided for those who attend the consultation evening.

For further information about Community Sports Hubs in Aberdeenshire, contact Community Sports Hub Officer, Andy Watson at

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