Chapelton developers launch legal challenge

Chapelton of Elsick
Chapelton of Elsick

The developers behind the new town of Chapelton have launched a legal bid in an effort to reduce an £8 million council bill towards transport and infrastructure in the area.

Elsick Development Company (EDC), who are behind the 4,000 home development, have lodged a legal appeal in the Court of Session in Edinburgh, as they say that Aberdeenshire Council are asking them to contribute too much money - £8 million - for projects “not directly related” to the new town.

The EDC argue that Scottish Government policy states that they should only contribute to projects directly related to their own development, and they figure should be reduced to £287,000.

Aberdeenshire Council said that the bill is based on the impact that 4,000 new homes will have on traffic.

Elaine Farquharson-Black, partner at Burness Paull acting for EDC, said: ““The Supplementary Guidance fails to comply with the requirements that any contributions must relate directly to the particular development and must be used to offset the effects of the development making those contributions. ““It is important to note that EDC is absolutely committed to investing in infrastructure that is affected by the increased traffic generated by the development of Chapelton.”

Head of Planning and Building Standards, Robert Gray, said: “We are aware of the submission of a legal challenge against the SDPA’s Supplementary Guidance on the Strategic Transport Fund. The council is always proportionate in the contribution it asks for and this been accepted by developers for three years.”