Charity rocked by storm insurance

Damage that occurred to the Maritime Rescue Institute in Stonehaven may result in the charity having to find thousands of pounds because of their insurance policy’s significant excess.

Last week the harbour and seafront were battered by fierce waves causing havoc along the sea front and the MRI was plunged into crisis when their boats and buildings were damaged by the storm.

Stonehaven and the surrounding area was left with no MRI lifeboats after both their boats were damaged and their two other boats, which have been deployed to provide emergency response training for the multinational shipping company, Maersk, were also damaged.

Their nearby restaurant, The Boathouse was also significantly damaged with flooding, smashed windows and demolished decking as well as there being damage to the MRI’s workshop and supplies.

Local MSP Nigel Don raised the issue of the damage costs in the Scottish Parliament last Tuseday.

The Scottish Government has already indicated that it will be helping to make additional funding available to local councils to deal with the losses after the storms and Mr Don sought help from the Scottishi Government for places like MRI who provide a valuable public service but are not within the remit of the local authority.

The Minister, Paul Wheelhouse, was sympathetic to the local difficulties and agreed to meet Mr Don to learn more about the details.

He also noted that he would be talking to representatives of the insurance companies in the near future and would make them aware of the concerns about insurance excesses.

Commenting Mr Don said: “I am grateful to the minister for engaging with local concerns, and recognising that not all exceptional losses will be within the remit of the local authority.

“I shall be seeking an early meeting with him to explore solutions to the problems experienced by my constituents who live and work close to the shore.”