Charretteplus event application rejected

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Laurencekirk Development Trust’s recent application to fund an active community planning event known as a charretteplus has failed.

It was hoped that this event would review the draft vision plan for Laurencekirk which was presented to council officers and local politicians in April 2015.

The plan was supported by Mearns Community Council and the Development Trust.

The group, along with Laurencekirk Villages in Control applied to the Scottish Government for support to carry out the intensive planning process for Laurencekirk in 2016.

Michael Robson from Laurencekirk Development Trust wrote to the Kincardineshire Observer this week.

He said: “The most acute element in the plan was to agree the future of the former Academy site which Aberdeenshire Council intend to sell on the open market.

“The vision plan is to date the only one, stimulated by residents, which addresses the changing needs of our local community.

“The old academy site is regarded as integral for access to the “employment” land behind the old academy and features in the aspirations for a new town centre with improved access as well as a suitable site for a swimming pool, extension of the new academy and additional community facilities for our growing population.”

Aberdeenshire Council has given the Trust until March to present a strong case to demonstrate the evidence for a viable development.

The LDT committee will continue discussions with Aberdeenshire Council, councillors, landowners, businesses, community organisations and advisory bodies to give residents more say in the town’s future.

The committee continues to welcome input from anyone who has ideas and opinions or who can offer their enthusiasm and skills to ensure that all is done to improve the opportunities to create a better town to serve the Howe.

Please contact Mike Robson, secretary,
01561 377501.