Christmas Tree repaired

PORTLETHEN residents are very proud of their Christmas tree this year. After ten years without a Christmas tree, the community came together to put up the tree which one resident says is “as good as, if not better than, the big one in Aberdeen.”

So when the tree was damaged it was assumed, to begin with, that the tree had fallen victim to the hurricane-force winds which battered the north-East two weeks ago. However upon further inspection it became clear that the damage to the lights had been caused by vandals, and not the weather.

Around £300 worth of damage was caused and the community was upset to loose the long awaited tree.

However after the effort to get the tree and decorate it, the community rallied around once again with two local electricians stepping in to fix the lights, so that Portlethen’s tree is glittering again.

Councillor Ian Mollison said: “I was dismayed and annoyed that some mindless idiot - or two - had attacked the tree. What is the point? The splendidly decorated tree brings happiness - it takes a strange logic to want to take happiness away from others.

“On top of that they could have been electrocuted. I was very pleased to hear that a number of local electricians offered to fix the damage and was fixed fairly quickly. The community council deserves support for its hard work, not only in putting up a tree, but for all the time and effort given freely on behalf of the town.”

Councillor Carl Nelson said: “I was extremely annoyed and disappointed to learn that the Christmas tree had been vandalised. So much for the Season of Goodwill! Thanks to the speedy action by the good people of Portlethen we can enjoy the beauty of the tree again as we enter Portlethen.”

Grampian police are continuing their investigations into the vandalism of the tree lights which took place between 11pm on Friday December 9 and 7:30am the next day. Anyone with information should contact 0845 6005700 or Crimestoppers on 0800555111.