Clean up Gourdon this Saturday

Gourdon Harbour will be targetted by the group on Saturday.
Gourdon Harbour will be targetted by the group on Saturday.

A group of Gourdon residents are to take part in a community initiative to Clean Up Harbour Bar/Warehole-Haughs’ of Benholm.

Gourdon Community Council organised the litter pick event on Saturday, May 16 from 10am-12pm under the banner of the nationwide Clean Up Scotland campaign, which is run by the independent environmental charity Keep Scotland Beautiful. 10-20 are expected to take part in the event.

Commenting ahead of the Clean Up, Emma Joynson appealed for more supporters to come forward to help with Saturday’s event, and outlined her plans for the day.

Emma said: “Litter blights our landscape, and dog poo. The impact is not only visual – it reduces pride in our area and studies have shown that messy places can increase fear of crime and affect our health.

“It also costs us all a lot of money – the Council has to spend our council tax money cleaning up after irresponsible people, and we’d rather this money went on other services or stayed in our pockets!

“We want to keep Gourdon Harbour Area clean for ourselves and visitors to enjoy, and especially the increasingly popular Coastal Path (Whitehouse -Haughs of Benholm) which we are very fortunate to have on our doorstep. Not to mention opportunities to spot wildlife such as herons and dolphins..”

Some may also be collecting rubbish from the Entrance to Gourdon/Linton Industrial Estate, the South Bound Layby and roadside tipping, littering and dog mess, is really discouraging as it hinders our progress with other projects. So much time has to be spent by volunteers cleaning up thoughtless peoples rubbish and dog mess due to Council cutbacks. The Council doesn’t litter pick rubbish people throw out of their vehicles very often. We like living in our beautiful area, and want it to be kept nice and clean, which helps the wildlife and enhances the environment. Living in a nice environment has been shown to help reduce depression, and other illnesses, and increase positive health benefits and general wellbeing. Thank you Aberdeenshire Council for supplying the bags, litter pickers and skip, and Green Dogwalking poo bags and info. Thank you to Harbour Bar, where people are encouraged to purchase light refreshments if possible”.

Derek Robertson, Chief Executive of Keep Scotland Beautiful, said: “Emma Joynson and the Gourdon Community are to be commended for the difference they are making to Gourdon. They take great pride in their surroundings and people like them are the foundation of our Clean Up Scotland campaign.

“At Keep Scotland Beautiful we want to make Scotland clean, green and more sustainable. Gourdon Community are doing a fantastic job to help us achieve this goal.”