Coastrider is bike friendly

Bus passengers can now take their bike for a ride with Stagecoach Bluebird and Stagecoach Strathtay between Aberdeen and Dundee. The Coastrider X7 route now welcomes passengers travelling with their bicycle.

Customers can now board the Coastrider bus and bring their bicycle with them at no extra cost.

Stagecoach Bluebird and Stagecoach Strathtay have teamed up with Aberdeenshire Council, Aberdeen City Council, Angus Council and Dundee City Council to launch the ‘bikes on buses’ campaign. The campaign allows customers to make any onwards travel by bicycle.

The service is being promoted with posters being displayed at bus stops along the route and on buses themselves.

Andrew Jarvis, Managing Director, Stagecoach Bluebird said: “We are pleased to support the various councils along the X7 route in the promotion of the ‘bikes on buses’ campaign.

“We are constantly looking at new ways to promote the attractiveness of our services. Promotion of the service will hopefully encourage some motorists out of their cars in favour of using the bus for one leg, or even just part of their journey, and cycle the rest of the way.

“On boarding the bus, simply speak to the driver who will be happy to stow your bike in the bus at no extra cost.”

The introduction of the ‘bikes on buses’ campaign on the X7 service follows the success of the campaign on the Stagecoach Bluebird Royal Deeside routes.

Chairman of Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee, Councillor Peter Argyle said: “It is great to see the ‘bikes on buses’ scheme being extended to take in the Coastrider service, meaning this option will now be available to many more passengers. It is also a perfect example of partnership working, for the benefit of residents across the north-east.

“Aberdeenshire Council’s transport team is regularly recognised in national awards for its innovative and dedicated approach to promoting and encouraging sustainable travel and it is something which as a council we take great pride in.”