Colourful challenge for ‘Blues Brothers’

The Blues brothers are back
The Blues brothers are back
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Blues Brothers have returned in the form of Andy, Bill and Jim to raise money for the children of Carronhill School in a motor challenge.

Andy, Bill and Jim will take on the ultimate road trip, the Czecheap challenge ,that is to take place at the end of May.

They will endure a three day trip, in order to raise funds for the special needs school of Carronhill.

The Czecheap challenge is a snippet of the Top Gear life as motorists from all around the world gather in their £400 car, at least 15 years old, to start the three day journey that is saturated with daily challenges, fancy dress and wonderful people and views, eventually to cross the finishing line in Prague.

This is a chance for individuals to raise outstanding funds for one charity or another, contributing to the £200,000 that have already helped various different organisations courtesy of those taking part in this event.

Therefore, the Blues Brothers would like to use this as a way to benefit their chosen charity of Friends of Carronhill School.

The boys are embracing a Blues Brothers theme as their car has been created in such a fashion to adopt the name the ‘Bluesmobile’ due to its fun style of a 1980s police car.

The men have set a target of £2000.

In particular, the funds will go towards revamping the mini bus which can take wheelchairs, as well as providing sensory equipment for the swimming pool, play therapy and music therapy.

Andy said: “The car we have chosen is an E36 BMW 323i and is wrapped in vinyl to look like the Blues Brothers car. We will also be dressed up, not in vinyl, but as the Blues Brothers and all money raised will go to Carronhill School.

“The event is very different from any other car rally we know. Teams take any car they like well within the £400 budget.

“The competition involves completing bizarre and brilliant challenges which take teams to all sorts of interesting and alternative places. Czecheap Challenge is the ultimate road trip and a unique approach to fundraising for this very worthy cause.”

Donate by texting CHCB50 + £ amount to 70070.