Communities to request glass collection points

The new refuse collection programme will begin in Kincardine and Mearns from next month.
The new refuse collection programme will begin in Kincardine and Mearns from next month.

Aberdeenshire Council have this week urged communities to request local neighbourhood glass recycling collection points.

As part of the new waste and recycling services, gradually introduced to over 115,000 households in Aberdeenshire since November 2013, glass is no longer collected at the kerbside.

The council stated: “It can still be recycled at centres and points across the region.

‘‘Aberdeenshire Council is currently installing more points, making glass recycling more convenient.”

Previously, glass was separated by colour, collected from the kerbside and sent to be recycled into glass bottles and jars.

Under the new arrangements, this will cease to continue because of difficulties separating different colours of glass to a high enough standard.

The council added: “To achieve a high-quality recycling system, the Scottish Government advises against mixing different colours of glass, preferring to keep a system of colour separation which allows glass to be recycled into bottles again and again.

“Glass for recycling in Aberdeenshire should now be taken to one of more than 200 recycling centres and points where it can be collected separately, allowing for high-quality glass recycling.

“This shouldn’t mean an unnecessary or lengthy journey – individuals, neighbourhoods and communities can request local ‘neighbourhood glass recycling points’ to increase convenience.

“These can be either public, on-street facilities or off-street to share between local residents.

‘‘They are often smaller in scale than traditional recycling points; neighbourhood points are a little bigger than domestic wheeled recycling bins and are designed to blend in.”

Aberdeenshire Council’s head of protective services and waste management, Ian Robertson, said: “Recycling points are usually in convenient locations such as supermarket or public car parks.

“If possible, please take your glass bottles and jars with you when you go out, to avoid making a special journey.

‘‘Recycling boxes previously issued to households can also be used to store the glass.

“We understand that many people won’t drive, or prefer not to visit a local recycling point, so we’re happy to offer neighbourhood facilities where residents want them.”

More information about glass recycling is available together with more information on the new service at or calling Wasteline on 0845 600 3 900