Community council backs supermarket

An artist drawing of how the supermarket could look
An artist drawing of how the supermarket could look

An application for a supermarket and filling station at New Mains of Ury has been backed by Stonehaven and District Community Council.

The Sluie Estate Trust have lodged the plans, which would see a single story supermaket, petrol filling station and car park being built on the 4000sqm site.

The Community Council (SDCC) last week lodged their official response to the plans, and have said that they support the application.

The submitted comment states: “The SDCC has maintained for a very long time that not just the aspiration exists, within the local Stonehaven community, for a large national supermarket but also the economics.

“Historical planning applications, in and around Stonehaven, have included a supermarket but only as part of a major housing development. The Mains of Ury application is the first to offer only a supermarket with no additional housing elements.”

The site is not included in the current, or proposed Local Development Plan. The SDCC response continues: “The SDCC recognises that the development is not included in the current or proposed LDP. However, the SDCC have objected to the Scottish Government on the allocation of CC1 at Spurryhillock as being unable to develop a supermarket of 4000sqm..

“Although no out-of-centre commercial development land is included in the current or proposed LDP, diversion is permissible where “material considerations indicate otherwise” i.e. a significant economic benefit to the community and..the SDCC believes that the Mains of Ury development meets this criterion.

“While there will be an impact on the three Co-op stores in and around Stonehaven and particularly on the David Street store it is up to the Coop to compete in order to maintain its market share and that can only be good for consumers both locally and outwith Stonehaven.

The application currently open to public comment on Aberdeenshire Council’s website under planning, and currently has 12 public comments, all of which are objections.