Community Council disbanded as members quit over “frustration”

FOLLOWING their AGM the Royal Burgh of Inverbervie Community Council has decided to cease its function as a community council.

During the meeting all but two of the Community Councillors put forward their resignations and cited “frustration” at Aberdeenshire Council as the reason for no longer wishing to continue.

With only two members left the council can no longer function and so Inverbervie is left in the position of no longer having a Community Council.

Many of the communty councillors who stood down had served on the council for more than 20 years.

Councillor George Carr paid tribute to the work done by the Community Council.

He said: “ Can I just start off by paying tribute to those who have served on the Community Council for a number of years, they have done a great job and have got a lot completed in the town which just shows that there is a need for a Community Council in the Royal Burugh.”

He then emphasised the importance of geting a new community council formed.

He said: “ We must do all we can to get a new community council in place. We want to make sure we have got a vibrant Community Council that can carry on the good work that has been done.

“It can be frustrating (working with Aberdeenshire Council) but there are processes which need to be followed. this sometimes means things take time to get done.”

Following the AGM ten new Community Councillors would have to step forward to ensure the community body is saved.

Kincardine and Mearns area manager William Munro said: “We are sorry to hear that the Royal Burgh of Inverbervie Community Council has decided to dissolve and will be looking to facilitate the re-establishment of a community council as soon as possible.

“It is important for communities to have effective and representative community councils. We are also duty bound to have a scheme that allows for community councils to be established and maintained. This means that a petition from the community to resurrect the group would be required and I would encourage that.

“In the case of Inverbervie specifically, it is unfortunate that members have decided to dissolve the group.

“I am aware of concerns that Inverbervie Community Council had in relation to working with the council and this was being addressed so that we could improve communication have a means of responding to issues.”

A Community Council is a statutory body who are approached about planning applications and funding etc. they represent the views - and take action to promote the interests of - the community.