Community Council wants answers on Caravan pricing

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AN angry member of the public accused Stonehaven Town Partnership of not following through on their commitment to have eight static caravans on the Queen Elizabeth Caravan site as they claimed that the Caravan Club had made the price so high that people cannot afford to keep statics on the site.

This followed a question put to STP representatives who sit on Stonehaven and District Community Council about whether there was still a commitment to have static caravans on the site.

This led Community Councillors to discuss the pricing situation on the site and express their concerns that the prices being discussed were very high.

A member of the public who attended the meeting claimed that prices to keep a static on the site had gone up 200%. Community Councillor David Fleming, who is also a director of the Stonehaven Town Partnership, explained that this was not confirmed and that the numbers being discussed are just estimates.

He explained to the Commmuntiy Council how the Caravan Club does it’s pricing. He said there are two terminologies for charges; seasonal and overnight. He explained that these prices are the same regardless of what is on the pitch whether it is a touring van, a static or a tent.

This surprised some Community Councillors with Phil Mills-Bishop questioning the charging of £3000 to put up a tent. However David Fleming reiterated that they haven’t agreed the prices yet it is just an estimate.

Councillor Wendy Agnew said: “I am really concerned about this. This is not the way people should treat people who support their businesses.

“I am concerned by the amount the rent has gone up by. I was disappointed to go down to the caravan park and see it empty.”

Community Council member George Strang then asked that the STP get answers on the pricing situation.

He said: “I think this is something that the Stonehaven Town Partnership should be asking the Caravan Club. It is a ridiculous increase and to me it seems like a method for getting rid of the statics.”

Peter Greig said: “If that is their ulterior motive that is wrong.”

Alistair Lawrie continued on this theme saying that STP appeared to support the static owners who he described as “practically residents” and he said that now STP had to talk to the Caravan Club about the price and asked that STP find out why it is necessary.

The Community Councillors supported this request and STP will now be asked for answers on the pricing in the park.