Community councils in talks to redraw their boundaries

Stonehaven and District Community Council (SDCC) and Catterline, Kinneff and Dunnottar Community Council are in talks to redraw the boundaries around Stonehaven.

The community councils have jointly put forward a proposal for Aberdeenshire Council to consider.

Peter Hales, planning secretary, Catterline, Kinneff and Dunnottar Community Council, said: “Last September both SDCC and CKDCC responded to Aberdeenshire Council’s consultation about whether the current boundaries were fit for purpose.

‘‘When you look at the boundary at the north end of our area, its obvious that the residents in the new development at Braehead are really much more strongly connected to Stonehaven town than to the rural area to the south.

“So the two community councils started to talk about the situation face to face and pretty soon reached agreement that the boundary should be redrawn, so that the Braehead estate development becomes part of Stonehaven & District’s area. We both agreed that the most important thing is that the views and interests of the residents be represented by the most appropriate community council, given location, neighbourhoods and the use of local services.

‘‘We have jointly put forward a proposal for a boundary change around Braehead to Aberdeenshire Council.

“The rest of the area around East Newtonleys and Dunnottar Castle up to the Bervie Braes is pretty much open country at the moment, so we think it’s appropriate for that to remain within our existing rural community council borders.

“We know that the Braehead proposal will have to be ratified by the Kincardine & Mearns Area Committee but, in this case, it just seems to us to be common sense, and hopefully the Aberdeenshire councillors will agree.”

Vice-chairperson and planning secretary for SDCC, Phil Mills-Bishop, said: “I welcome the proposed boundary changes, as they reflect the growing development at Braehead and the right of residents to have representation on issues that directly affect them within the Stonehaven area, such as public services; planning and infrastructure; primary school provision and zoning; shopping and leisure.”