Community payback projects

Do you have a place to paint or a space that needs tidied in your area? The criminal justice team within Aberdeenshire Council’s Housing and Social Work Service is looking for ideas for projects.

The ‘Community Payback Order’ is a sentence available to courts in Scotland for offences committed from February 2011 onwards.

The sentence will ultimately replace probation, community service orders and supervised attendance orders.

Thirty six thousand five hundred of unpaid work was completed last year by the service. The Kincardine and Mearns area benefitted from work on flood defences in Stonehaven to painting work at Forest View Resource Centre as well as the scout hut and beach toilets.

Chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Social Work and Housing Committee Councillor Karen Clark said: “We are keen to hear about possible projects the criminal justice team can carry out in your community and the opportunities are endless.

“Ideas can be varied as long as a project can offer a clear benefit to the community and must not deprive others of paid employment.

“People who suggest projects are responsible for costs and materials while the council provides the workforce and skilled supervision to ensure it is completed and the scheme ensures that it does what it says – pays back to the community. It’s a winning situation for everyone, giving people valuable and rewarding skills whilst also providing a service locally.” For further information, or to nominate a potential project contact