From couch potato to Munro bagger!

A Stonehaven man has lost an amazing 11 stones and has swapped the living room couch for climbing Scotland's highest mountains.

Monday, 16th April 2018, 11:00 am
Steven Duncan has lost more than 11stone

HGV driver Steven Duncan’s fears over his long-term health made him join a local slimming group.

Steven, 47, weighed more than 26 stone and with a high risk of a heart attack, stroke, cancer and diabetes, he realised that he needed to do something to improve his health.

He said: “I always felt conscience about my weight, but I just kept putting off doing anything about it.”

The lorry driver, now down to 14st 13lbs, explained that his weight prevented him from living his life as he knew he should.

Steven said: “I couldn’t find clothes to fit and I could only really shop online as no local stores carried my size.

“My knees were taking a pounding when I walked my dog and I was always left breathing very heavily and sweat would be pouring out of me by the bucket load.”

Lacking confidence and restricted to staying inside and shopping online, he admitted: “when I was overweight I just sat about feeling sorry for myself watching TV and eating all the wrong food.”

Steven decided to join Scottish Slimmers in Stonehaven, and become more active, starting out with a goal of reaching 10,000 steps a day.

He built up his steps, and took up hillwalking to help his weight loss and improve his overall strength.

And the decision to lose weight has completely turned his life around.

Since September, 2017, Steven has walked nine Scottish Munros, and instead of celebrating New Year’s Day, 2018, with a hangover, he bagged himself another Munro.

He added: “I’m happier in myself being slimmer, fitter and leaner.”

“I can’t put into words how much joining Scottish Slimmers has greatly improved my life.

“I have more energy and not as tired anymore improving my sleep.”