Council to replace faded street signs in Portlethen

one of the many faded signs in Portlethen
one of the many faded signs in Portlethen

A number of street signs in Portlethen have been identified as being due for replacement by Aberdeenshire Council .

Weather will play a factor in when the council are able to replace the signs, although one North Kincardine councillor is has commented on the need for good signage for emergency services.

Councillor Ian Mollison said: ‘‘Many of them have faded over the years and are difficult to make out.

“The council has a rolling programme for replacing signs, and there are many in the Thistle Drive area of the town that certainly need replacing.

“It is important to have good signage for emergencies services as well as for delivery drivers.

“The Thistle Drive area is a particular challenge when it comes to house numbering. There is a logic to the way it was done many years ago, but it is not easy to find the right house every time!

“I am told that this type of task is ideal for carrying out in the winter work as it can be done as the weather dictates - if staff are needed for other tasks in bad weather they can put sign replacements on hold.”

A council spokesperson said: “We are just about to start replacing, with some minor additions, a large number of street name plates in Portlethen.

‘‘The signs have been manufactured and are now ready to go, and the work should be completed by the end of February.”