Councillor hits out as Google Maps make mistakes in Newtonhill

A LOCAL councillor has hit out at Google Maps for the number of mistakes which appear in their map of Newtonhill.

North Kincardine Councillor Ian Mollison said: “I had noticed the mistakes in recent months, but not thought much about it. Then the other night I was stopped by a lost driver. She was looking for a house in Greystone Place, Newtonhill. By luck she was actually outside it, however her sat-nav told her she was in a different street.

“Google Maps has renamed part of Greystone Place as ‘Mariners View’, which is almost the right name for a street in nearby Muchalls.

“Cairnhill Walk is renamed Wyndford Road, which is actually in Cumbernauld. Or Falkirk, or Glasgow, but not Newtonhill.

“Then there’s Amy Row, which is in the village of Cowie. It is shown at the entrance to Newtonhill from the A90.

“Sanderling Court, Tern Court, Puffin Court, Dunlin Court, Fulmar Court, and Plover Court are not named at all, only Turnstone Court.

“Finally, the non-existent Millman Mews is shown to the north of the village, off Old Mill Road.”

Cllr Mollison said that he had contacted Tele Atlas, who have responsibility for the accuracy of Google Maps, to report the discrepancies, but they have yet to be rectified.

“Ensuring the accuracy of these maps is admittedly a huge task, but if that is the level of error in just one village, just how reliable is Google Maps? I get very pleasant acknowledgements emailed back from Tele Atlas. But no action.

“These days with so much reliance on Google Maps, it is important that the maps are as accurate as possible.”