Councillor steps down

Mearns councillor Tom Fleming, who is stepping down at the May election, has paid tribute to the support he has received over the last nine years.

Tom, who was elected to Aberdeenshire Council for the Mearns Central ward in 2003, and re-elected for the Mearns in 2007, said: “I have enjoyed my term enormously as a councillor and it has been a privilege to serve my home territory.

“I went into politics as a local man fighting for my constituents and I believe I have represented them to the best of my ability. The support I have had has been hugely rewarding and has made my time with Aberdeenshire Council very fulfilling. Serving the public can be challenging, but the benefits outweigh the negatives.”

Tom said that he felt it was time to stand down. “If I were to be re-elected, and serve for another five years, that would be pushing me further into my dotage! I believe it is time to stand down. It’s not been an easy decision, but it is the right one.

“Despite tough times the Lib Dem led council Administration has achieved a great deal – we have put money into new schools, including a new Mearns Academy, balanced the books, delivered on economic development, and been recognised as a council that provides value for money and delivers quality services.

“But above all I believe we’ve put local people first – and that has been my whole aim as a councillor.”

Tom is actively endorsing his colleague Bill Howatson in the forthcoming election.

“I’ve worked with Bill for nine years and I have a great deal of respect for his dedication and professionalism not only as Provost of Aberdeenshire but as a local man who speaks up for his constituents and gets things done. He’ll certainly be getting my vote.”