Councillors back plan to spend £100,000 on flood hit road

COUNCILLORS this week backed plans to spend more than £100,000 repairing a flood damaged road in Stonehaven which has been closed for over a year.

Members of the Kincardine and Mearns area committee gave the green light for the money to be spent on repairing the U71K road at Dunnottar Woods which collapsed in November 2009 following severe flooding in the town. It has remained cordoned off since then.

Councillors agreed to accept costs of £114,088.13 to reinstate the road.

A report before the committee stated: “This emergency work is being carried out due to damage caused to the road and embankment by flooding in November 2009.

“The costs of the work will be covered from the capital resurfacing line in the road maintenance fund.

“Current projections indicate that, due to delays in other schemes caused by the recent extended period of sever winter weather, there are sufficient funds available for this scheme.”

The work to be carried out includes resurfacing 1400sq ft of carriageway and the installation of a 230ft safety barrier. The existing slip requires to be excavated and rebuilt with suitable material, including a grid for stabilisation, while eight fallen trees need to be removed and repair work carried out to the existing culvert.

Five tenders were submitted for the work, the lowest of which came from Netherley-based WM Donald Ltd.

North Kincardine councillor Ian Mollison said: “This is a piece of road which has been closed off for a considerable period of time and we are about to spend £100,000 on it – what has been the disruption to traffic and local people by this road not being open? Are we spending this money wisely?”

Council officers said that Dunnottar Nuseries, which is served by the road, has been one of the biggest causes for concern about its closure as the business was losing custom because of it.

Stonehaven and Lower Deeside councillor Graeme Clark added: “I welcome this because the road is a popular walking route, and it is also a bit of a tourist attraction for Stonehaven.”

Fellow ward member Wendy Agnew voiced her support for the move as well.