Councillors discuss marina study

Stonehaven Harbour
Stonehaven Harbour

Kincardine and Mearns Councillors this week discussed Stonehaven’s Harbour Feasibility study at the area committee meeting at Viewmount.

The feasibility study, which was commissioned by Stonehaven Town Partnership (STP), part funded by Aberdeenshire Council and the European Fisheries Fund, was made public in September and noted a marina was ‘not commercially feasible’.

Councillors discussed the study and were recommended by Aberdeenshire Council officers to “agree that at this time the redevelopment of Stonehaven harbour as a marina is not a viable proposal.”

The study at the time outlined four options for the harbour having taken into account a number of factors including economics and the environment. These options included, doing nothing, a mitigation plan and creating a new outer breakwater.

In a report to councillors it stated: “When accepting the report, STP agreed to call a meeting of interested parties with a view to securing the future sustainability of Stonehaven harbour by establishing a harbour Development Group with agreed objectives. A meeting was held in June 2015, but there was little enthusiasm for the initiative and so it has been taken no further.”

David Fleming from STP said: “STP is very pleased that the Councillors took a very positive stance on the Harbour’s future, and welcomes that further work is planned by Aberdeenshire Council this year to assess the state of the main piers. We also welcome the additional recommendation that officers take action to improve stakeholder buy-in to any proposals for improvements.The Harbour is key for Stonehaven, and the community should continue to press for improvements.”