Councillors join Back Home Safe Campaign

councillors, MSPs and MPs back Unite's demands
councillors, MSPs and MPs back Unite's demands

Councillors Alison Evison and Raymond Christie are supporting a helicopter safety campaign launched by the Unite union.

The Aberdeenshire councillors, who represent North Kincardine and Stonehaven and Lower Deeside respectively,have joined with MSPs Richard Baker and Lewis Macdonald to show their support for Unite’s Back Home Safe Campaign.

It aims to make helicopter flights safer for offshore workers.

The campaign is calling for a full independent review to improve contingencies in the event of a ditching. It is also seeking the immediate implementation of all safety recommendations from past helicopter incidents.

Councillor Evison said; “Many Aberdeenshire residents work off-shore and make a huge contribution to the economy and prosperity of the North-east and of the country.

“They should not be expected to risk their lives as they travel to and from their work.

‘‘The safety and well-being of all workers should be a top priority for employers.”

Helicopter safety has been a huge talking point in the North-east this year after a North Sea ditching in August claimed the lives of four workers.

Regional officer for Unite, Tommy Campbell, said: “Over 1500 offshore workers have already backed a petition calling for action which will be presented to Oil and Gas UK in December.

‘‘Overwhelmingly, offshore workers are demanding action from the industry to improve the safety of off-shore helicopter flights.

‘‘Oil and Gas UK must now act.”