Craws Nest improvement

This week, in Stonehaven, the Horizon Project, a group dedicated to improvement of the town for residents and tourists, is undertaking the biggest project yet since its inception nine years ago.

The Craws Nest improvement is the brainchild of Horizon member Trevor Bradley, ably assisted by his wife, Carol, who together have spent the last three years bringing this exciting plan to fruition.

The improvements taking place are to be the laying of twelve giant mosaics within a labyrinth of paths. Each mosaic will depict a local scene of interest and on the accompanying notice board are further numbered pictures and text about each mosaic, along with 13 QR patches giving the possibility, if you have a smartphone, to scan and download more information from each attractions’ website. Centrally in the notice board is a local map to direct tourists to each of the attractions.

The thirteenth, and largest mosaic, which has been made by local artist, Julia Nicholson, sits separately to the south side of the labyrinth, and is a representation of the innovations of R.W. Thomson, one of Stonehaven’s greatest sons.

A large polytunnel and gazebo have been erected over the site as it is necessary to have the site absolutely dry in order for the adhesives to bond fully with the concrete base. Horizon members will be working hard inside on a very well worked out schedule of work for each day, as timing is critical for all the various types of adhesive to act.

Please bear with us if we are unable to talk to you as you pass – it may be that we have our hands full with glueing jobs where timing is all.

Information has been posted on the security fencing surrounding the site and it explains what we are up to and in a few days you should be able to view the results and judge for yourself.