Electronic crime warning

Police Scotland are reminding the public to be vigilant against electronic crime, following a recent telephone scam reported in parts of Deeside and Donside.

A number of people have been targeted across the North-east by fraudsters over the past few months, including a 68-year-old man from the Peterhead area, who lost over £200,000.

The criminals phone individuals, claiming to be a representative from their bank and advise them that their bank account has been compromised. The individual is then encouraged to transfer money, often their life savings, into a ‘safe account’ provided by the fraudster.

Electronic fraud is on the increase and there has even been an instance where a 37-year-old man from Banchory had his details compromised via the use of Wi-Fi, while visiting a racecourse in Chester last month.

Constable Kev Marron, from Police Scotland’s Crime Reduction Unit, said:

“Be on your guard if you are telephoned by anyone claiming to be from your bank, or indeed any other company such as an electricity supplier, and especially if the call involves transferring money, providing or confirming your bank details.

“If you do call your bank to verify the call, it is imperative that you look up your bank’s telephone number and do not use any number the caller provides. It is also really important to do so on a different phone line, as scammers can leave the phone line open and reconnect as soon as you dial a new number, continuing the scam.”

Another current scam involves individuals being encouraged to contact internet security companies via ‘pop-up’ windows on their computers.

If anybody has any concerns regarding telephone fraud or they wish a copy of “Victims Of Fraud” leaflet which has preventive advice they are asked to contact:

Aberdeenshire: PC Kevin Marron, Crime Reduction Officer, Telephone 101 or email kevin.marron@scotland.pnn.police.uk