Life-saving kit is targeted by vandals

The damage to the defibrillator in Market Square
The damage to the defibrillator in Market Square

A police investigation is under way after life-saving equipment in Stonehaven was vandalised.

The defibrillator in Market Square was damaged in the second such attack on the equipment, one of four in the town centre.

Moves are now under way by the community council to have CCTV installed in a bid to deter further incidents.

The defibrillator is functioning and is being temporarily stored in the Market Bar.

It is understood to have been damaged between noon last Thursday and the following morning

The defibrillator glass was smashed and a spare set of pads were stolen.

Checks were carried out with both police and ambulance services to verify that the cause was vandalism.

Stonehaven and District Community Councillor Jim Stephen said: “The defibrillator could have been used for an emergency but this is not the case - it was an act of vandalsim

“We are absolutely disgusted.

“These are not the actions of normal people. A life could have been at risk.”

Stonehaven has just experienced one of its busiest weekends of the year with the annual folk festival.

Mr Stephen, who repaired the glass, added: “It is really disappointing that this has happened.

“It is fortunate that with so many visitors over the course of the weekend there wasn’t a need for the defibrillator.”

He said that the community council would urgently be looking to have CCTV installed at the Market Square site.

Some local businesses have come forward with offers of assistance to replace the stolen pads and repair the box.

Police have also condemned the incident and are carrying out inquiries.

Officers understand it took place between noon on Thursday July 5, and the following morning.

They are appealing for anyone who saw anything suspicious in the area during the times in question to get in touch as soon as possible.

Sgt Mark Conner said: “I’m astounded that anyone would go out of their way to vandalise a potentially life-saving piece of equipment. It is completely mindless and inexcusable and certainly will not be tolerated.

“The defibrilator is thankfully still available for public use and is currently stored within the Market Bar.

“Anyone with information is asked to contact Police on 101 or attend at the station.”

Community council chairman Raymond Christie said that the council would be pursuing the installation of CCTV as a matter of urgency.

He added: “This vandalism has got to stop as someone’s life could depend on it.”

Mr Christie thanked the Market Bar for temporarily housing the life-saving equipment.