Police Scotland warn against ‘vishing’ telephone scam...

Police Station
Police Station

Police Scotland is once again warning the public to be vigilant against a telephone fraud scam circulating in the North-east.

This comes following a recent incident in Aberdeenshire where a resident lost over £15,000.

People have been targeted by fraudsters who telephone pretending to be from the person’s bank, advising that their bank account has been compromised.

This type of scam, commonly known as ‘Vishing’, then encourages the resident to transfer their money to a ‘safe account’ provided by the fraudster.

The fraudster instructs the resident to hang up and call the number on the back of their bank card to ensure the caller is genuine, however, they then keep the telephone line open and ‘answer’ the call.

In a recent incident, a customer was called by who they believed to be their bank, advising that over £15,000 had been accidentally transferred into their account and they would have to return it.

Constable Kev Marron, from Police Scotland Crime Reduction Unit, said: “We would advise that if you are telephoned by anyone pertaining to be from your bank to telephone your bank back especially if it involves transferring money, providing or confirming your bank details.

“Always look up your bank’s telephone number and do not use a number the caller provides. Furthermore, if you do decide to ring back and verify the call it is advisable to do so on a different phone line.”