Stone missing from Dunnottar Woods

While not quite a case for Indiana Jones, a unique stone has gone missing from Dunnottar Woods.

Thursday, 21st July 2016, 1:24 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:03 pm
The stone that has gone missing near Lady Kennedy's bath in Dunnottar Woods

The stone, pictured above, has a carving of an animal’s face and is said to have been based near Lady Kennedy’s bath in the woods.

Stonehaven man Darryl French brought its disappearance to the attention of the Leader, describing it as a “piece of Stonehaven’s history” and calling for it to be returned; noting the possibility someone took it absentmindedly.

However, the Moray & Aberdeenshire Forest District (MAFD) of Forestry Commission Scotland do not know anything about the stone.

MAFD’s recreation and tourism manager, Calum Murray, told the Leader: “I have had a chat [with] members of the team, some of whom have a pretty long history working at Dunnottar, and this stone is not something that anyone really knows anything about. That said, one of the team thinks he may have seen it some considerable time ago, but could not place exactly where it was.

“It is certainly not something that has come to our attention as of historical significance.”

But he noted that “it would not be the first little secret that someone in the past has created” that “only a few who really know the wood intimately ever discover”.

He added: “Nonetheless, it is a great shame someone has chosen to remove something interesting, fun and possibly of significance from the wood.”

He encouraged anyone who may be able to shed light on the stone’s history and its current whereabouts to get in touch.