Current design is ‘the best’ for Stonehaven junction...

Transport Scotland have said the current Stonehaven Junction design for the AWPR is the ‘best,’ despite calls for them to reconsider.

Two weeks ago, the Leader reported how Stonehaven Town Partnership’s David Fleming had written to the organisation, asking them to have a rethink for the junction between the Fastlink and the A90, just north of Stonehaven.

This week, Transport Scotland got in touch and said that any alternative design would require more work and put the spring 2018 finish date in doubt.

A spokesman said: “The road layout planned for Stonehaven Junction is the best design for this site, given the complex nature of the local area’s topography.

“An extensive consultation was held, prior to the publication of proposals in 2007, for the AWPR and these plans - which included the designs for the Stonehaven Junction - were upheld at a public local inquiry and remain unchanged.

“The procurement commenced immediately following the successful resolution of legal challenges in 2012.

“Any alternative design at this stage would require new road orders.

‘‘This means the statutory process would also have to be revisited, putting the Spring 2018 completion date at serious risk and delaying the benefits of this critical project.”

A petition has been launched by David Fleming to get Transport Scotland to reconsider the Fastlink A90 Junction design.

The petition currently has 208 signatures.