Danceathon for Maggie Law Museum equipment

Junior Pupils at Lathallan School, danced until they dropped in December, but all for a good cause!

Following the highly successful Civilianship/Heritage programme undertaken last year, the themes of Heritage, Community and Disability will form the basis for this academic year.

The Partnership programme between A Howe o’the Mearns Heritage Association and Lathallan school, will be integrated with the Duke of Edinburgh Award, and all other relevant Lathallan initiatives and awards schemes.

The Maggie Law Maritime Museum in Gourdon, will again provide the practical heritage focus for pupils, and a range of activities will be undertaken which will enhance the opportunities and access for people with a disability, in relation to the Museum and other local heritage sites.

The purpose of the session is that pupils gain an understanding of sensory and physical disabilities, and to undertake a disability access survey of Gourdon, and the main tourist/commercial activities.

The funds are to purchase specialist equipment for people with a visual impairment, so that they can have an “Armchair” audio tour of the Maggie Law Maritime Museum. This would include specialist headphones and cassette recorders.

Dave Ramsay Project Director said: “Given the proven success of the last heritage group from Lathallan, this new phase of the Project will enable more people to be involved in local heritage, particularly those people with a disability or mobility difficulty who can now be included, and who themselves can contribute to the overall Project.

“Lathallan pupils have proved themselves to able to make significant contributions which help the community, and this phase of the Project has certainly captured their enthusiasm.”

It is envisaged that the refurbished Museum and services will open to the public in April 2013, with pupils being able to contribute to community enhancement as part of their Civilianship programme, and be able to see the end results of their work.