Day 2 of shaping Laurencekirks

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Retaining the school fields, space for car parking, a swimming pool and business space were just some of the ideas given for Laurencekirk.

The second planning event for Shaping Laurencekirk’s future took place last Sunday, March 13 at Mearns Community Campus.

The event was held by Planning Assist Scotland (PAS) on behalf of Laurencekirk Development Trust (LDT) who are proposing to acquire the former Mearns Academy site on behalf of the community.

LDT will present a business plan to Aberdeenshire Council to be considered at a meeting of the Policy and Resources Committee in April.

On Sunday, those in attendance heard a number of key themes emerging from the event.

This included; A strong sense of community exists in Laurencekirk who value the quality of life offered by the town and a desire to retain this as the population grows and avoid becoming a “dormitory” town; ensure the town caters to all ages, developing the identity and facilities of Laurencekirk as the main “hub” town for the area and a strong desire for the old academy playing field to be retained for community use. Themes also centred around Sports, employment and parking.

PAS and Laurencekirk Development Trust spent a few days between the two engagement sessions in Laurencekirk Primary School getting views from the younger children.

The groups spent Sunday looking at a Community Vision Statement for the whole of Laurencekirk and not just for the old Mearns Academy site and playing fields as well as a draft master plan.

Key points about the current masterplan proposal to create a new community and business quarter/hub strengthening the current town centre were;

Maximising the rention of the old academy site including refocusing the sport buildings around the old playing field.

A need for provising a range of business start up accommodation and car parking around Laurencekirk. A new swimming pool facility and sports pavilion on the old playing fields site.