Daydream believers: Scots spend six year of their lives lost in thought

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The average Scot spends nearly six years of their life in a daydream, a new study reveals.

Research into the ways in which people while away the hours with dreams big and small found respondents spent just over two hours per day lost in far-flung thoughts.

That equates to 799 hours per year and, when projected across the average 64 year adult lifespan, equates to more than five years and 11 months.

The research also documented our most common daydreams – winning the lottery proved the most popular, while the desire to travel or simply see more sunshine in this country regularly occupies our minds.

Saying what you really think of the boss, telling a crush you like them and finally writing a book were also named among the most common daydreams.

Over a third of workers say they daydream constantly through their commute – racking up over half an hour.

And the dreaming carries on even while on the clock with three quarters confessing that they regularly daydream for up to an hour on paid time.

A spokesman for Synseal said: “The results of our insightful poll reveal that adults living right across the UK regularly indulge in a wide variety of daydreams today and the good news is that for many of us they are a source of genuine happiness!”

Top 10 daydreams

1. Winning the lottery

2. Getting to travel the world

3. Looking forward to better weather

4. Old childhood memories

5. Going on a particular holiday

6. Moving into a lovely big house

7. Travelling to a certain country

8. Having no debt

9. Get rich quick schemes

10. Making millions from some amazing idea