Mearns councillor takes centre stage on nuclear weapons

A Mearns councillor is taking centre-stage on a national platform to call for the abolition of nuclear weapons in Scotland and the construction of Europe’s largest Renewable Energy Windfarm in their place.

By Morag Kuc
Thursday, 9th September 2021, 9:30 am
Updated Thursday, 9th September 2021, 11:31 am
Cllr Wilson cited the groundswell of opinion against nuclear weapons
Cllr Wilson cited the groundswell of opinion against nuclear weapons

Mearns councillor Leigh Wilson is moving a motion at this weekend’s Alba Party conference in Greenock which calls on the Scottish Government to begin negotiations on the removal of nuclear weapons at Faslane as soon as Scotland becomes an independent nation.

Cllr Wilson cited the groundswell of opinion against nuclear weapons as the motivating factor behind his motion. “The evidence against nuclear weapons is clear, but the very fact that a nation the size of Scotland hosts illegal and immoral weapons of mass destruction is a prime example of why the Union isn’t working for us.

"The Alba conference this coming weekend will debate a range of motions regarding the modern, outward-looking country Scotland aspires to be and I’m sure, with the motion I am seeking support for on Saturday, the Alba Party will lead the way in charting Scotland’s future renewable course.”

Earlier this year, a retired admirable responsible for Britain’s nuclear policy, John Gower, admitted that Trident may have to move to the US or France were Scotland to become an independent nation. Lacking a viable alternative port, the European Leadership Network paper concluded that “a Scottish secession would generate fundamental operational and fiscal issues for the UK’s nuclear deterrent.” The paper went on to argue that, unless the Scottish Government agreed to a lease arrangement, sites in Georgia and Brittany would have to be considered.

Leigh Wilson, who is also seeking nomination as the Alba Party Local Government Convenor, added that his party would never use nuclear weapons as a “bargaining chip” in independence negotiations.

“Other pro-independence parties can put forward their own prospectus, but I can guarantee that the Alba Party will never use the removal of Trident as any kind of bargaining chip in future negotiations.

"The nuclear deterrent system is a relic from the Cold War era which is completely unjustifiable in this day and age and none of the threats we now face as a country – such as cyber-crime and terrorism – can be addressed with nuclear strength. My position is clear: nuclear weapons must be removed and they must be removed as soon as we have the competence to do so.

"Scotland is a powerful country and that power stems from our natural assets, our people, and the soft power that that these things combined we can offer the world. It’s time to reskill Scotland for the 21st century and invest in our future.”