Dogs suffer electric shocks

Work has began on a Stonehaven pavement where dog owners were finding their dogs were getting electric shocks every time they walked over it.

One dog owner came in to see us at the Leader office and said that every time his dog walked over a metal drainage channel on the pavement outside the Co-op and Hydro Electric shop on Barclay Street, it would yelp, bark and jump from the pavement.

The owner said he worked putting up electric fences for years on farms and knows what an electric shock looks like on a dog when he sees one. He also said that one of his friends had the same experience with her dog so we asked our readers through Facebook and one said: “It has happened to several dogs. Luckily they are all ok but it’s taken over a week for the situation to be looked at after its first report to the police” and another said: “I was walking along behind a family and their dog just the other day, when the dog yelped at the exact spot you are describing. They were checking to see if it had stepped on something sharp but this is what must have happened.”

The owner who originally came to see us also said that he saw steam coming from the metal drainage channel when it was cold and said there must have been some kind of fault with the electricity.

He also added that it doesn’t happen when people walk on it because they have shoes on, but the pads on dogs paws seem to react to the electricity and questioned what would happen if a child was to fall and put his or her hand down on it. The area had been cordoned off last week and work has began and been ongoing this week.

Aberdeenshire Council’s Head of Roads & Landscape Services, Philip McKay said: “A fault was identified in the power supply to the street lights on Barclay Street, Stonehaven, which caused the power to short down a drain pipe which lead to a metal drainage channel across the footway.

“Working in conjunction with Scottish Hydro Electric, this issue has now been rectified.”