Draughts tournament

The Scottish Open draughts tournament returned to Stonehaven last week.

The tournament which ran from Monday to Friday in the Town Hall saw 22 competitors take part at two different levels, Master and Intermediate.

The master level was contested by ten players with the final result a positive one for Scotland with the top three in the category all being Scottish.

In first place was Tom Watson from Glasgow, in second place Donald Oliphant, who stays in Liverpool but is from Scotland originally and in third place was Stonehaven local Colin Young.

The intermediate level was won by Anthony Rose from England, second place was Ken Lovell also from England and in third place was Patsy Quinn from Northern Ireland.

Councillor Wendy Agnew presented the trophies on Friday afternoon.

The referee of the tournament, Ian Caws, described the players as the “Creme de la creme,” and expressed delight at what a good tournament it had been.

However he also voiced his concern for the dwindling numbers taking part in the sport. “I think 22 is possibly the smallest we have ever had. It is hard to get youngsters involved in the game, there are so many other distractions nowadays.”