Easter Bunny fun at Dunnottar

The event is scheduled for Saturday at Dunnottar Woods.
The event is scheduled for Saturday at Dunnottar Woods.

Dunnottar Woods plays host this Easter weekend to a number of Brainy Bunnies, all to raise funds and awareness for The Brain Tumour Charity.

Local woman Suzanne Davies, from Newtonhill, explained: “I’m a busy mum with two kids, my own business and a hectic household.

‘‘Like many, I lived life at 100mph and took my health and abilities for granted. In April 2014 my outlook changed when completely out of the blue, and at age 35, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

‘‘The growth was in the speech part of my brain and I underwent an awake craniotomy (where you are awake for around 75% of the surgery) to remove a golf ball sized tumour.

“The surgery was as successful as it could have been and I’ve received radiotherapy and chemotherapy since then. This is a long journey and unfortunately when diagnosed with a brain tumour it is something that will never go away, unlike cancer in some other parts of the body.  

“I’m ashamed to say that I had buried my head in the sand about the dreaded word ‘cancer’ and so neither I nor my family had much idea about what brain tumours were, what the treatment was, etc.

‘‘I recognised very quickly that brain tumours don’t receive as much funding as many other types of cancer - less than 2% of the research funding in the UK is spent on brain tumours.”

With support of her family and friends, Suzanne has an ongoing commitment to raise funds and awareness of The Brain Tumour Charity to improve understanding, diagnosis and treatment of brain tumours, and has already exceeded her initial goal of £10,000.

The Easter Bunny Hunt is one in a series of events including a race night, the Tough Mudder obstacle course, coffee mornings and a number of local bake sales.

Organiser Karen Slupinski said: “This is a fun event for all the family.

‘‘There will be two trails through the woods and one will be accessible for little ones in a buggy.

‘‘If you follow the trail to spot all of the bunnies then you will win an Easter egg.

‘‘Suzanne and I have enjoyed many years of fun in the woods with our kids and I look forward to seeing local families enjoying their Easter Weekend for such a worthwhile and deserving cause.”

The Easter Bunny Hunt takes place in Dunnottar Woods on Saturday from, 10am – 2pm.

It starts at the entrance at the top of the woods (just off the A92) and follows the path to the clearing by Dunnottar Church.

Suzanne concluded: “I wish I had the knowledge to create a permanent fix that gives a cure to this illness, but I don’t. The next best thing is to raise the much needed funds to do just that through The Brain Tumour Charity and I hope to see local families having fun and eating chocolate in the process!”.